You're never more than 4hrs from a panda



Who knew pandas could cure cancer. Wait, that’s a total lie. But their eyes will fall out after 10 days of carrying the Chicken Pox. Don’t believe it? Neither do I but there is some hilarious rambling about pandas from the authors of this adorable lil book, 100 Facts About Pandas.

Their fur is bulletproof (#3), they only gather in even numbers (#5), and a panda at the dinner table will protect your family from vampires (#40).

Inside the book you'll find hilarious illustrations and photographs imposed with Pandas. Take a look at the UK promotional video:

100 Facts About Pandas from 100FactsAboutPandas on Vimeo.

This book of fun has recently been published in the US by Penguin Books. It was first published last year in the UK.