One Question with Jerry Rocha


This week Jerry Rocha features with headliner Andres Fernandez at the Rivercenter Comedy Club. Jerry is from Texas, but now resides in LA and is quickly gaining notoriety with a fast paced, edgy act. If you could do battle with any Jazz Crooner, who would it be? JR: “What do I win?” SAR: “Glory. Its gladiator rules, baby. You’re doing it for pride.” JR : “Ella Fitzgerald. I just I just think I could tear her apart. I would kill her. SAR: “Ella, really? Brave choice.” JR: “Yeah, I don’t know. When she’s great she’s great, but other times she’s just terrible.” (Pauses for thought.) JR: “Maybe Billie Holliday. She’d probably fall asleep during, start nodding off, and I could finish her quickly. She wouldn’t even remember it.”


Show times are 8:30 and 10:45 Friday/Saturday, 8:30 Sunday. Rivercenter Comedy Club, 849 East Commerce Street. (210) 229-1420. $15