'Pal-hound' Tim Duncan's 10,000 female friends



By Rudy Gayby The Onion recently launched their satirical take on ESPN's ubiquitous news program, Sportscenter. Airing on Tuesday's at 7 pm, The Onion's Sportsdome is written in the same tone as their famous print weekly. One of The Onion's favorite athletes to satirize is San Antonio's own - Tim Duncan. Exhibits: A, B, C, and D. This week, Sportsdome aired a story, "Tim Duncan Reveals He is Friends with 10,000 Women." Check it out here. "Apparently he'd approach a woman after a Spurs game and when she told him she enjoyed it, he'd quickly say, 'That's enough basketball talk for one night. What do you like to do? What are you passionate about?" reports David Belling, faux-NBA insider. My favorite piece of info to come across the screen during the report, "Duncan missed two games weatherproofing friend's apartment."