what's it/where's it? CAM mystery art pic March 11


Hello, it’s Friday, day 11 of  Contemporary Art Month. During CAM we are  posting a mystery art pic every day here at Artifacts. What is it? Where is it? We’ll get back to you on that

..if you know,  just leave a note below. Be the first to post the correct answer *on our website* and receive two free film tickets or appetizer coupons.


Congrats to Mark & Angela Walley for correctly identifying yesterday's pic as part of  GINORMOUS: New Large Scale Paintings & Sculptures by Franco Mondini-Ruiz at  AnArte Gallery.  The shot was made during mid-instal of the show. Here's the gilt shelf, complete with cigarette smoking poodle-


A brisk trade in monoprints opening night, still buzzing at 10pm.


Ceramic cakes and monster donuts. Franco's bake sale-