Spurs look to avoid expiration date




If you comb the internet for all things basketball you won’t have any trouble finding Spurs-related obituaries in response to the Memphis Grizzlies’ startling 3 -1 series lead.

Tony Parker looks pedestrian at best. Manu Ginobili isn’t his normal, frenetic self. Timmy Duncan can’t find a time machine. Antonio McDyess said the Spurs are playing like “wussies.” Matt Bonner can’t find the three-point bug he caught throughout the regular season. And after a strong showing through the first two games, we’re still paging Richard Jefferson.

All the credit goes to the Grizzlies. Their entire team has answered the playoff call. They have made critical stops, clogged the lanes, crippled our three point arsenal, successfully adjusted in the midst of games, responded with buckets when the Spurs appeared to find some sort of rhythm, etc. It begs the question: “Wait, so who’s the # 1 seed in this series?”

Tonight, beginning at 7:30, the Spurs’ season hangs in the balance. Forty-eight minutes to execute, adapt, and (hopefully) answer. We’re still waiting for an entire game of “Spurs basketball.”

If we win, well then obviously we survive another day. The series returns to Memphis and the pressure shifts to the Grizzlies as they certainly don’t want to play a game seven in San Antonio.

Here’s to hoping Coach Pop revives his team with some playoff paddles..