Dozens of San Antonio artists migrating to Kansas


By Scott Andrews

Artists, get out of town. For the sake of our city — please leave. The arts community does a great job putting out show after show of hot stuff in town, but it's time to spread the word to foreign lands.

Thirty-three painters, sculptors, mixed-media makers, and performance artists have taken on the mission, and are busing out to Lawrence, Kansas, tomorrow morn to attend the opening of their show "The New Old San Antonio: Tales from The Little Big Town."


Organized by local arts maven Rex Hausmann of Hausmann Millworks and Darin White of the Lawrence art collective b.a.l.m., the show at the Lawrence Art Center is the culmination of an artist exchange between SA and the Kansas college town that has been brewing for a year.

Granted, Lawrence isn't Berlin or Istanbul, but it's a pretty savvy place — home of shotgun painting, invented by alt-icon William S. Burroughs. Expect a less violent trend in works by SA artists, including Rolando Briseño, Bill FitzGibbons, Larry Graeber, Jimmy Kuenhle, and Gary Sweeney. The exhibit, on view to June 17, is a tribute to Chuck Ramirez & Marcia Gygli King.

"The New Old San Antonio" runs April 29-June 17 at Lawrence Art Center, 940 New Hampshire Street, Lawrence, KS. For more info visit