"A Few Minutes of Hell" by Steven Botts


Introduction Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote “L’enfer, c’est les autres” (Hell is other people) in the play No Exit. Steven Botts’ story is slightly longer than Sartre's quote but suggests the same thing. Maybe it’s more of a “Hell is repetition.” Still there’s people in it. Your stories must be forthcoming: flashfiction@sacurrent.com. And don’t skimp on the six word stories.

—Lyle Rosdahl

“A Few Minutes of Hell” by Steven Botts She stood in the motel parking lot as the flashy new De Soto pulled up and stopped. He got out slowly, tossed his fedora inside, and closed the door. She gave a tired smile and said "I was hoping you wouldn't come this time." "And I was wishing you wouldn't be here," he replied. "When will it end?" she whispered, as they walked to the room and he opened the door. He turned on the fan, she pulled back the sheets, and they undressed. Then they lay on the bed and coupled, moving with all the passion of factory machines. When they finished, they sat on the bed's edge, still dripping fluids as they looked straight ahead in silence. When the man with the pistol crashed through the door, they didn't move or give him a glance. He shot her through the heart and him through the head, then put the barrel in his own mouth and pulled the trigger. She stood in the motel parking lot when the flashy new DeSoto pulled up...