TXDMV Approves San Antonio Spurs License Plate





Eighty-two days ago, the San Antonio Spurs (prematurely) began their offseason, dismissed in six games by the upstart Memphis Grizzlies.

Still hurting?

Starving for basketball?

Worried the NBA lockout will lead to the cancellation of some, even worse, all of the 2011 - 2012 regular season?

MyPlates wants to help.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board gave the final approval on a San Antonio Spurs official Texas License Plate. If you’re interested in purchasing a specialty plate, you can sign up to receive news regarding the plate’s official release to the public.

While $55 seems steep, think of it as a substitute to paying for a game ticket seeing as how all signs indicate this is going to be a lengthy lockout.

What do you think about the new plates, San Antonio?


Credit: Photo from MyPlate website.