Emilio Flores and Melissa Latimer at Hausmann Millworks



Bleeding Canvas - Amarillo sonrojado from Emilio Flores on Vimeo.

Opening Friday night at Hausmann Millworks, "Grace & Grit, Grit & Glamour: Emilio Flores and Melissa Latimer" matches new works in metal with process painting that flows from the border. Flores will exhibit a series of paintings that were made by striking canvas to release stains of pigment, an illusion to escape from the violence of narco-trafficking in Mexico, using the very tools of intimidation employed by cartel enforcers along the narcotics trail north, and by gun runners moving south.
Melissa Latimer, Clash of Metals Known for her use of patinated roofing disks that cascade like fish scales, Latimer has made an abrupt shift from her last major piece that depicted an American flag. Her new body of work moves into neo-baroque abstraction with bold gestures and ribbons of raw metal. Free; 7-9pm, Fri Dec 16; Hausmann Millworks: Spray Booth Gallery, 925 W Russell Pl; (210) 884-6390;  hausmannmillworks.com. On view by appointment to Feb 3.