Imprecatory Prayer by Marisela Chavez


Sela is back with a dialog, not just between two unidentified characters but between us and them. This amorphous, non-us is all around us and must be stopped, for theirs is a culture that cannot be reconciled with ours (though perhaps by ours). Send in your shorts, folks. I’m a little swamped right now, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. As always: Also feel free to shoot me an email with any questions, comments or concerns (or just to say hi).


Lyle Rosdahl

Imprecatory Prayer by Marisela Chavez

1: They broke into our place---did you hear? 2: Heard they stabbed someone last night at a bar. What were they looking for? 1: What they’re always looking for. They took the computers, tvs, the Wii. Drank our beer out back. Left their empties on the steps. 2: They marked on your territory, man. Animals. 1: I bet they used our new porch swing---we haven't even had the chance. 2: Bet  they screwed on it. 1: They went through our drawers, wrecked the shelves, tossed our Disney World photo into the fish tank. Destroyed my son’s Lego kingdom. They tracked mud all over. 2: Probably needed drug money. Probably have rotten teeth, boils all over. 1: It happened between noon and two. Broke the day right in half. 2: They must not have jobs. 1: They left our inside cat out! 2: Probably meth heads. They’re careless. 1: They have my laptop, my passwords, my work. They have everything. I’ve had to cancel everything. 2: Maybe the neighbors remember a suspicious car around, someone creeping about. 1: If I’d of been home, man, they’d be sucking up their blood with a wet vac. 2: I’d of shot them in the face. 1: They’ll end up in prison with the rest. 2: They'll find what they're looking for in prison. --- Lyle Rosdahl, a writer living in San Antonio, edits the flash fiction blog & best of in print for the Current. He created, facilitates and participates in Postcard Fiction Collaborative, a monthly flash fiction response to a photo. You can see more of his work, including photos, paintings and writing, at Send your flash to