Pick of the Day: "Wunderbares"


Rome Prize-winner Franco Mondini-Ruiz is SA’s answer to Andy Warhol — an art-making machine as celebrated for his pop art piñatas as his Felliniesque fêtes. A master of blurring boundaries, Mondini-Ruiz specializes in exhibition openings that take on the spontaneous energy of what he’s likened to a cross between a European market and a panadería. Incorporating elements of his still-hanging “Almost an Onderdonk” with his oeuvre of poodle-walking Parisians and sausage-eating fashionistas, “Wunderbares” is billed as an “art happening” where gallery-goers can play curator and take paintings off the wall to decide “which paintings would go together.” Featuring works priced between $100 and $1,000, the interactive “social sculpture” promises bratwurst, beer, and live polkas courtesy of Rennie & The Happy Travelers Band. Free; 7-10pm Thu, Aug 9; Bismarck Studios, 930 Proton, (210) 314-7747, bismarckartgallery.com. Check out our full online calendar of upcoming events here: calendar.sacurrent.com.