Stay Current with the Pick of the Day: Hair of the Dog Day

Hair of the Dog Day

According to the U.K.-based site Phrase Finder, the term “the hair of the dog” is derived “from the medieval belief that, when someone was bitten by a rabid dog, a cure could be made by applying the same dog’s hair to the infected wound. How many people managed to get bitten again when trying to approach the aforesaid dog to acquire the hair to achieve this completely useless remedy isn’t known.” On New Year’s Day, Gruene Hall welcomes the hungover with cold beer and a full day of live music guaranteed to recalibrate your party levels. After kicking off at the crack of noon with Americana rockers The South Austin Moonlighters, the therapy continues with Austin-based Walt Wilkins and his “Texas Hill Country super-group” The Mystiqueros (4pm), followed by the “irresistibly rump-shaking” sounds of award-winning vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Guy Forsyth (8pm). Free; noon-11:30pm Tue, Jan 1; Gruene Hall, 1281 Gruene Road, (830) 629-5077, Check out our full online calendar of upcoming events here: