Stay Current with the Pick of the Day: Carly Garza & Lorita Drive

Carly Garza & Lorita Drive post

Possessor of an angelical voice and above-average songwriting talent, Carly Garza returns with yet another show that even she finds hard to describe beforehand. “I originally wanted to have a drummer ... but my last two solo shows were pretty successful and so now I’m thinking, ‘How

many things can I do at once successfully, with the limited resources I have?’” she told the Current. Watch out, Carly — Lorita Drive could very well steal the show. I saw the brother-sister duo of Aaron and Amanda Magaña at one of Nina Díaz’s open mic nights at Martini Ranch, and was hooked by their harmonies. “We definitely grew up listening to the Beatles,” they told me via email. “They did [harmonies] the best. That’s something I like to hear in today’s bands as well.” That makes three of us. Free; 11pm Thu, Feb 14; The Mix, 2423 N St. Mary's, (210) 735-1313. Check out our full online calendar of upcoming events here: