Stay Current with the Pick of the Day: The Full Monty

The Full Monty post

In its transition from Oscar-nominated film to Tony-nominated musical, The Full Monty relocates from Sheffield, England, to Buffalo, New York, to watch a sextet of down-and-out steel workers one-up Chippendales dancers with a ballsy money-making scheme. Adapted by playwright Terrence McNally and scored by David Yazbek, the Americanized play channels the film’s themes and twists (including unemployment, depression, body image, and homosexuality) into poppy, off-color show tunes like “Big Black Man,” “Michael Jordan’s Ball,” and “Let it Go,” while a motley cast of characters evolve from emasculated “Scrap” into empowered members of Hot Metal. ATAC Award winner Anthony Cortino leads the cast in director Dave Cortez’s production at the Woodlawn. $15-$23; 7:30pm Fri, Feb 15; Woodlawn Theatre, 1920 Fredericksburg,  (210) 267-8388, Check out our full online calendar of upcoming events here: