Stay Current with the Pick of the Day: "Dinosaurs Unearthed"

Dinosaurs Unearthed post image

“Patty” the 60-foot long Apatosaurus welcomes guests to the Witte’s “Dinosaurs Unearthed: Bigger. Better. Feathered...” Boasting the most extensive and comprehensive fossil collection in North America and some of the world’s largest and most advanced life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, the exhibit encompasses skeletons of small winged dinosaurs and aquatic lizards, a feathered juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex, impressions of skulls, eggs, skin, and feathers, and a paleontological dig site where visitors can unearth fossils. $12-$15 (includes a $5 surcharge), 10am-5pm, Witte Museum, 3801 Broadway, (210) 357-1900, Check out our full online calendar of upcoming events here: