Please Touch the Artwork at "The Color of Blind"




“Please touch the artwork” was the recurring prompt last Saturday at the group exhibition “The Color of Blind,” curated by Trina Bacon and Katherine Brown. Presenting tactile works by Steven DaLuz, Susan Budge, Kathy Sosa, Andy Benavides, Robert Tatum, William Vance, Oscar Saenz and 40-plus other artists from the San Antonio and Austin areas, the show opened to a large and enthusiastic gathering at the ZaZa Gardens Gallery in the sprawling complex of the Saldana & Associates architectural firm.


The show was organized in an effort to present visual artworks to the blind and partially visually impaired, who demonstrated the art of touch to sighted gallery goers.


Some visitors navigated the show solo.


But collaboration tended to be the rule opening night.


While ostensibly intended to reach out to the visually impaired, the exhibition also serves to inform the sighted of ways those lacking vision understand the world. Above, a display of the Tactile Face System, which transforms photographs into raised line drawings--a sort of Braille system for pictures.

"The Color of Blind," ZaZa Gardens Gallery, 723 S Flores, (210) 227-4277. Through April 4.