Stay Current with the Pick of the Day: The Crazy Locomotive



One of roughly 40 plays penned in the 1920s by Polish poet, playwright, novelist, painter, photographer, and philosopher Stanis?aw Ignacy Witkiewicz (aka “Witkacy”), The Crazy Locomotive (originally Szalona lokomotywa) is set aboard the engine room of a train hurtling toward its destruction. An avant-garde gem that’s been described as Witkacy’s “indictment against futurism, the cinema, and the worship of the machine,” the play concerns a pair of criminal masterminds who hijack a train as part of an absurdist plot to uncover the mystery of existence by experiencing a head-on collision at full throttle. With its original manuscript lost along with much of Witkacy’s works of the era, The Crazy Locomotive was back-translated from two French versions, finally published in 1962, and first produced in New York in 1977 with Dwight Schultz, Bob DeFrank, and Glenn Close in the leading roles. Kyle Gillette directs the Trinity Theatre production, which features “a projected cinematic backdrop of the landscape hurtling by and the large frightening machinery of industrial modernity.” $6-$10, 7pm Wed-Thu, 8pm Fri-Sat, Stieren Theater, Trinity University, One Trinity, (210) 999-8515, Check out our full online calendar of upcoming events here: