National Poetry Month, poem by Fernando Esteban Flores


Dreaming in Noir

Chapter Three

Johnny Almond’s sax

Double helix in my head

Double helix in my head

Sound & sex

The city night spirals

Redolent with the yeasty scent of fresh bread

A sugary plea from the bakery across the tracks

& sour beer spiked on saw dust floors

Of cantinas dotted with cheap string party lights

Summery revelers

Eighty-sixed from whorls of heat

Out on the prowl

Howls & whoops

The beast of the season awakened

At Casa de Palmas

House (slash) art gallery

I muse over a splashy portrait in blue

A young beauty glancing back

Smooth & satisfied

Her allure secure

Could be you

Past & present intermix

Transfixed in a trance

I sway a poetic vertigo

Lines flash their pretty strut

The way you high heeled down the steps

Dragging me to you

The last note—yours

By Fernando Esteban Flores

Fernando Esteban Flores is a native son of Texas and resides in San Antonio.  He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  He has taught English and writing at various area secondary schools.  He has published in the Texas Observer, SA Express-News, RiverSedgeWritten with a Spoon: a Poet’s Cookbook (an anthology of poetry and recipes by Sherman-Asher Press, Santa Fe, NM), “Is This Forever or What?”(Green Willow Books, Naomi Nye, editor—an imprint of Harper Collins).  His poetry books Ragged BordersRed Accordion Blues, and BloodSongs are available from Hijo Del Sol Publishing.  For information about National Poetry Month events in San Antonio, go to