Stay Current with the Pick of the Day: "Texas Tough"


Amita Bhatt Fantastic Collision #25

Blue Star’s first all-female exhibition since 2008, “Texas Tough” rounds up artists from Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Depicting floating virgins and towering trees in two- and three-dimensional works, Sharon Korpriva meshes landscapes with visions of afterlife in “From Terra to Verde.” “Origins” promises “dense, chaotic forms and open drawings in space” from Sherry Owens, an artist known for nest-like constructions built from twigs and branches. Anchored in “the historic and global phenomenon of geographic and identity politics,” Amita Bhatt’s “Depends Who You Ask” combines mythology and disjointed imagery in wall-size drawings. Using marble dust and loaded symbology, Jill Bedgood’s “Book of Hours: Intervention” acts as “a contemplative reminder of our own mortality.” Free, 6-9pm, Thu-Fri, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, 116 Blue Star, (210) 227-6960, Through August 24. Check out our full online calendar of upcoming events here: