Brilliant Marketing or Awkward Ad Space? LDS Church Buys Ad Space in 'Book of Mormon' Playbill




“You’ve seen the play

now read the book,” chirps an advertisement for Mormonism in—of all places—the Playbill for The Book of Mormon, the gleeful satire now playing for a two-week stint at the Majestic downtown. But what the ad gets wrong—disastrously—is that The Book of Mormon isn’t a play at all, but a deliriously overblown musical, which is exactly what makes its satire of Mormonism so effective: the only way, it seems, to expose the over-the-top lunacy of American religiosity is with some over-the-top American tap dancing! And over-the-top jazz hands! And over-the-top sequins!"

Be on the look-out for tomorrow's cover story on The Book of Mormon and its goofy, glorious and apparently Church of Latter-Day Saints-approved plot.