VIDEO: Amy Poehler Partners With Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's Tough Ladies Series




In partnership with Amy Poehler’s Austin-based Smart Girls foundation, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas will be presenting “To Kill a Mockingbird” as part of the theater’s month-long Tough Ladies series. The Nov. 4 screening features a special video introduction by Poehler in which she praises character Scout’s bravery and authenticity and, of course, reminds patrons to turn off their cell phones. “There is no bigger Smart Girl in the world than Scout,” said Poehler in the introduction filmed on the “Parks and Rec” set. You can watch a sneak peek below but will have to attend the local SA screening to see the full thing.

Amy Poehler TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Intro from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo.