Aziz Ansari Will Bring His Swagger to SA in 2014





"AAAAAHHH! Huge." is how I began the email to the editorial staff forwarding them the info that comedian Aziz Ansari will be performing at the Majestic on Monday, February 3. The venue has lately provided comedy-starved SA with some life support in the likes of A-listers like Kathy Griffin and Ron White, and this announcement bodes well for their 2014 comedy season. While the sit-com on which he co-stars, Parks and Rec, has had a curious season, disappearing for several weeks at a time, Ansari released his latest comedy special, Buried Alive, via Netflix and even without the presence of Randy or Harris, it sang.

Here's a clip to help jog your memory.

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster for $36-$46