FL!GHT's Last Show at 1906 Opens Tonight



For years Justin Parr and Ed Saavedra's FL!GHT Gallery has been among the major draws of the Second Saturday scene in the South Flores/Lone Star arts district. As you may have already heard, the show opening at FL!GHT tonight will be the gallery's final offering at 1906 South Flores. Presented by Alternative Studio ("an ongoing collaborative assembled at the apex of a stagnant landfill"), the installation "Are You From Here?" promises archive material from performance work, interaction and "free art." As for FL!GHT and its next chapter, it's expected to land in the Blue Star Arts Complex (134 Blue Star, adjacent to Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum) in the very near future.

Alternative Studio: "Are You From Here?"

Free, opening reception 7-10pm Sat, Apr 12, FL!GHT Gallery, 1906 S Flores,

(210) 872-2586, turnitoff.tv. On view by appointment through May 3.