SA Woman Will Run to Her Own Tune in the Boston Marathon This Weekend




These lovebirds will run the Boston Marathon this weekend.

Ask runner Meredith Hein what’s on her playlist, and you’ll get nothing. She will run the Boston Marathon this weekend, and she can run for hours without any music boost at all.  Absurd. How else does she keep out the 75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out for a Run?

Well, sometimes she sings songs to herself, but mostly running is her quiet time, or a rare chance to chat and catch up with her husband. Hein is a public affairs officer based at Lackland Air Force Base, and the two started training for marathons as a way to keep connected through times when their military duty separated them.

But Hein admits, when she’s out running the trails through McAllister Park, she pretty much shares every Buzzfeed-listed thought relating to food (pizza, fuck the salad) and dogs.

The early morning runs and blisters will all be worth it when she crosses that Boston finish line and can binge on some bolognese.