Video: SA2020 Congratulates "Best of SA" in Tina Turner Style




We’re giving the unofficial award for Best “Best of SA” Team Spirit to the SA2020 team for this video they produced to congratulate all the 2014 BOSA winners. They rock Tina Turner’s hit “You’re Simply the Best,” lip-syncing with ping pong paddles and flaunting pretty badass nerve throughout the office. The crew also share their own silly BOSA categories and throw in their winners. So here’s a shout out to Ryan Kuhl for Best Cat Crawl, Claire Osburn for Best Commitment, and President & CEO Darryl Byrd for Best Pillow Hug. Aw, yes, they went there. But isn't it the best to know we have a team like them backing the vision of SA2020?

Watch the video, and tell us in the comments what wacky category (with a winner) you’d grant a critic’s pick.

And once again, congratulations to all the winners of the 2014 Best of San Antonio.