Smart-Ass Taiwanese Animators Give a Burning Recap of the NBA Finals




Perhaps the most lucid recap of the NBA Finals is this one illustrated by the smart-ass Taiwanese animators known for their raunchy reenactment of the royal wedding, promptly followed by the royal birth. (Jon Stewart is a big fan of theirs).

Check out their cutting take on how the Spurs completely destroyed the Heat in the NBA Finals.

"The only time the Heat were hot in this year's finals was when the AC broke down," the announcer burns, and Chris Bosh, literally a raptor, loses his hands in oscillating fans. LeBron clanks bricks off the rim, Manu Ginobili scores points with his nose, Tiago Splitter takes a steaming crap on Dwayne Wade, and Kwahi Leonard receives his MVP trophy with two fat and bald, gun-shooting fans by his side.

It’s nothing short of insanely spectacular.