NBA Rumor of Opening Night Spurs vs. Cavs Matchup




LeBron in 2007 (via Getty Images)

Yesterday, Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe broke a rumor that the NBA wants the Spurs versus the Cavaliers as the 2014-2015 season opening game. Though the 2014-2015 schedule doesn't come out for another month, the Spurs-Cavs tipoff makes sense, as the NBA tries to start each season with a marquee matchup.

The SA-Cleveland game would not only reprise Lebron James' 2014 Finals battle with the Spurs, but the Spurs' sweep of the Cavs in '07, back when James was just 23-years-old. Unfortunately for Spurs fans, the rumored game would take place in Cleveland, presumably to gauge the fans' temperature upon James' return from the Heat.