'The Kings of BBQ: Barbecue Kuwait' Kicks Off SA Film Festival's Military Night





In 2010 John Markus did the unthinkable to raise the spirits of U.S. troops overseas. He united five legendary Southern BBQ pitmasters, transported thousands of pounds of meat and fixings to the desert heat of Kuwait, and made a documentary in the process. Chronicling the efforts of these expert Dixie grillers, in collaboration with the United Service Organizations (USO), to feed more than 5,000 soldiers stationed in the Middle East, Kings of BBQ: Barbecue Kuwait is a rare 40-minute documentary that evokes both joy and grief. The barbecue royalty must familiarize themselves with the harsh conditions, learning to cooperate with each other and adapt their individual recipes and processes into a cohesive and large-scale production. Overcoming their competitive differences, the team comes together to provide some American hospitality to the soldiers who sacrificed home-cooked food to serve their country. Watch the trailer below.

Kings of BBQ: Barbecue Kuwait dir. by John Markus, SA Film Festival, Doors at 6 p.m. City Base Cinema, 2623 SE Military Dr, Free