Spurs Vines of the Week: Kids Jeopardy, Pop Expletives and More


  • Via Dime Magazine
Jeopardy Kids Week 
Rule number one of Jeopardy: Commit to your hand motions! Rule number two: Answer in questions.
Danny Green Sends It to OT
Before committing a foul that raised his coach's blood pressure to undesirable heights, Green extended the matchup against Brooklyn with a textbook three to send the game into OT. 

Pop to Green: Shut the F*%^ Up!
Down two in the closing seconds of regulation time against the Nets, Coach Popovich explicitly told his team not to foul. At which point, Danny Green gave a light tap to Brooklyn's Mirza Teletović, sending Pop into a frightening skin tone that Pantone calls "Furious Santa when the elves botch a soldering job."

Marco Belinelli's Thunderous Slam
There's 10 minutes left in the second quarter of the Spurs win over Philadelphia when Marco Belinelli goes the opposite way on a pick from Jeff Ayres. Belinelli, not known for such monstrous posterizing, gets up and jams in the face of forward Henry Sims. 

Kawhi Leonard Powerful in Slo-mo
In an interview with the Washington Post, Gregg Popovich told the paper that San Antonio is entering the Age of Kawhi. "When you're a young kid, you're going to defer to Timmy and Manu and [Tony]. Now it's like, ‘To heck with those guys. The Big Three, they're older than dirt. To hell with them. You're the Big One."