You'll Soon Have The Texas Emojis You Need In Your Life


You need these. - TEXMOJI
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  • You need these.

The Whataburger emoji is coming.

A new app featuring 200 Lone Star-themed emoji will soon be released on Apple's App Store. TexMoji is the brainchild of country singer Rich O'Toole and Texas native Sean Compton, who runs the Sorry I'm a Texan Twitter account. The app, developed Austin-based Rocksauce Studios, will feature a truly Texas emoji keyboard with icons including Dr. Pepper, The Alamo, Shiner Beer, the Texas Flag, and the oft-requested taco emoji. There's also a "Come and Take It" flag, which will prove very useful for those late night booty calls.

Be on the look out for its release. And hopefully an Android app will soon follow.

[h/t Houston Chronicle