Tony Parker Featured in New Episode of Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets


  • Tony Parker on Mean Tweets

The Jimmy Kimmel segment Mean Tweets is one of the great triumphs of late night television in the internet age, a Will It Float for the online crowd. Kimmel's staff cruises Twitter for hate mail, matching the most virile and hysterical tweets to the guests on the show.

In the third NBA Edition of Mean Tweets, Tony Parker takes a break from the off-season to read a fairly misogynist tweet from Twitter user FamousZamos17. "People say Lebron flops," reads Tony. "Have you seen this little French woman named Tony Parker."

Other hits include "Deandre Jordan look like that uncle at a cookout that stick his fork in ya plate" and "GOOD BYE BLAKE GRIFFIN YOU SOFT GINGER HAIR COLORED LINDSEY LOHAN FRECKLED FACE TWO HEADED BITCH TAKE YA ASS HOME BITCH."

Sic, of course.