The DoSeum Is Throwing Another ReDo Recess For Adults


Look how much fun they're having!!! - BRANDY RAE PEREZ
  • Brandy Rae Perez
  • Look how much fun they're having!!!

I'll try not to use a ton of exclamation points in this post, but it's difficult to not be super jazzed about The DoSeum's (2800 Broadway St., 210-212-4453) next ReDo Recess event! (My bad) Set for Friday, September 18 from 6:30-9 p.m., ReDo Recess opens The DoSeum's doors to adults 21 and up. No kids allowed! 

The first event to allow adults access en masse to the new children's museum took place on July 31 and it was a total hit. Droves of grown-ass adults lined up to partake in the festivities, which included touching all the exhibits, playing in miniature towns inside teensy H-E-Bs and planes, spy training camps and the BUBBLE! playscape (no joke, I was there for at least 15 minutes).

What else made this the best night ever? The addition of beer and margarita bars via Alamo and Tacos N Tequila. The lines were long, but hopefully that's tweaked for ReDo 2.0.

Tickets, $15 in advance, will likely go quickly. Get yours through