Clickhole's List of Things All Texans Know Is Hilarious


  • Sarah Richter/Flickr
A bit of levity for the long week.

ClickHole, the sister site of The Onion that's a spot-on parody of the addictive banality of sites like Buzzfeed, has a hilarious listicle titled "9 Things Only People From Texas Will Understand." You know the type, we even did one for San Antonio last year

Clickhole's Texas-sized list is absolutely hilarious, partly because it's completely absurd while also kind of true. Some choice quotes: "2. Sending your grandparents out into the bluebonnet field to die." We could totally see this happening, but only during a brief period in the spring. "4. Using tamales as currency, but only to buy slightly smaller tamales." Why yes, I would use tamales to buy more tamales. 

Read the whole list here.