Here's Ted Cruz With Chola Eyebrows, Just Because


All he needs is hoop earrings. - WE ARE MITÚ
  • We Are Mitú
  • All he needs is hoop earrings.
For no reason whatsoever other than that it's amazing, here's a chola-fied version of our very own junior senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz. 

The mock-up of Cruz, whose chola nickname would totally be Smiley, comes to us via We Are Mitú, the sort-of Latino version of Buzzfeed that is currently giving us life. Seriously, watch their video "Black Dudes try Menudo," or check out "13 Photos of Hilarious Store Names that Prove Mexicans DGAF."

Mitú didn't just chola-paint Ted Cruz, they went and did the whole lot of Republican presidential candidates. Here's Cruz's fellow GOP chola, Sad Girl, otherwise known as Donald Trump. Check out the rest of these amazing chola creations here. (Oh, and if you think we're being mean, here's chola Hillary Clinton.)

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