It's a Taco Travesty! SA Taco Wall Painted Over By City Employees


  • Carlos Aguirre
  • Their bad.

Who doesn't love tacos? Apparently city employees who were just doing their jobs.

The San Antonio taco wall, which was part of an Instagram charity campaign this week, was inadvertently painted over by city employees who mistook the street art for your run-of-the-mill taco graffiti. 

  • Luis Munoz/Instagram

The "I love you tacos so much" street art, which mimicked similar street art that used to grace Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Austin, was located across the street from Viva Tacoland.  It was being used as part of an Instagram charity campaign orchestrated by local director/producer Luis Munoz.

For every Instagram taken in front of the wall that was tagged with #ILoveTacos or #ILoveTacosSoMuch, a dollar would be donated to a children's charity. Munoz told the Current earlier this week that once he figured how much money would be raised — deadline was this Sunday — he would whether to donate it to a charity like Haven for Hope, Brighton of San Antonio or St. PJ's Children's Home. He also said donating the money to a family in need for the holidays was a possibility.

Munoz spoke with the city employees who painted over the wall this afternoon. They have apologized for the error. But for now, there's no more taco wall and no more taco selfies. But don't worry, the work will be redone. It's not like it's too difficult to spraypaint "I love tacos so much" on a wall anyway. 

Here's some shots that were taken before the painting-over mishap.

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