Boban Amps Up the Volume in This New Commercial


That seat is probably pushed back as far as it can go. - YOUTUBE, WORLD CAR
  • YouTube, World Car
  • That seat is probably pushed back as far as it can go.
Boban Marjanovic of Spurs fame proved to be a Renaissance Man during his recent foray into the world of acting. 

Rockin' out to electronic tunes in a too-small Nissan —  "This sound system is awesome!" he exclaims — the Serbian import to San Antone is comedic perfection in an advertisement for a local dealership that also stars Sean Elliot and Danny Green. 

While this short clip marks Marjanovic's first commercial appearance in the Alamo City, the big man is no stranger to the small screen. Last year he participated in the filming of We Will Be the World Champions, a cinematic homage to the Yugoslavian school of basketball that garnered international attention. 

Hopefully this glimpse into Boban's acting chops won't be the final entry on his resume. We're keeping our fingers crossed that everyone's favorite giant steals the spotlight yet again in the next slew of outrageous H-E-B commercials