TPR Revisits Toontown with Tuesday Screening of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’


  • Buena Vista Pictures

Maybe it’s the “bad” way Jessica Rabbit’s drawn, or the nightmares you still have about the melting shoe, or just the worlds-collide shock of seeing Daffy and Donald share the screen. Maybe it’s ... whatever Baby Herman’s whole deal is. In any case, 1988’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit is without a doubt one
of those pseudo-kid-friendly films that seems designed to loosen screws in young minds and to serve as an early indicator that life is going to be way weirder than the adults let on. Combining animation and live action in an eye-popping, Oscar-winning way, Roger Rabbit might as well be titled
A Children’s Illustrated Chinatown for the way it exposes the rotten foundation of America’s Dream Factory: Corrupt politicians (Christopher Lloyd’s terrifying Judge Doom), segregation (Toontown is a stand-in for any number of ghettos) and a succinct explanation for Los Angeles’ historic public transportation problems somehow figure into a story starring a cartoon rabbit who breaks stuff over his head for fun. See it on the big screen and watch it warp a whole new generation. $15, 7:30pm Tue, Santikos Bijou, 4522 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 614-8977,