Former Roxy Music Frontman Bryan Ferry Takes the Tobin Stage Monday Night


  • Courtesy of Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry, best known for his role as lead vocalist and principal songwriter in the seminal glam rock group Roxy Music, rose to prominence in an era of rock music that was stranded between the gritty and flighty psychedelia of the 1960s and the disco music that ruled much of the 1970s. The sound — sultry, mysterious, and emotional — that he helped forge for Roxy Music, and has continued to explore with varying levels of success as a solo artist, has, nevertheless, persevered and gone on to influence music as disparate as punk, new wave, alternative rock, indie rock, and electronica. These days Ferry is 15 solo albums deep and, despite performing Roxy Music reunion shows throughout the aughts, his glam-rock days are largely behind him. Nowadays, as heard on his most recent release Avonmore (2014), Ferry’s sound is a bit more rootsy and pared down, though his voice is just as full and seductive as ever. His spring show at the Tobin Center should, if recent set lists are to be believed, give fans a generous sampling of highlights from throughout Ferry’s career, including those heady Roxy days. $39.50-$100, 7:30pm Mon, Mar. 20, Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, 100 Auditorium Circle, (210) 223-8624,