Revolutionary Magician and Illusionist David Blaine Brings His Sorcery to the Majestic


  • Courtesy of David Blaine
Over the last 20 years, revolutionary magician and illusionist David Blaine has tried to prove to onlookers that he’s not human. Since coming onto the scene in 1997 with his first TV special Street Magic, Blaine has been buried alive inside a plastic coffin, encased in a six-ton block of ice for more than 63 hours, balanced himself on a pillar 100 feet off the ground for a day and a half without a safety net, gone on a 44-day fast, held his breath for a world-record-breaking 17 minutes and four seconds and performed other unexplainable, body-testing feats of survival — all in the name of entertainment. We’re still not sure he’ll be able to withstand the scorching Texas heat when he makes his way to San Antonio on Wednesday, but we’re pulling for him. Along with the insane level of endurance the man/warlock has displayed, his magic tricks are just as jaw-dropping. Three of his specials are currently streaming on Netflix (Street Magic, 2010’s What Is Magic? and 2013’s Real or Magic) if you want to get a glimpse of his sorcery before seeing him live.