Nostalgia, Fantasy and a Two-headed Chicken Cross Paths in ‘Borrowed Whimsy’


  • Kimberly Rumfelt
Reimagined histories, appropriated images and a two-headed chicken are among the curiosities to be found in “Borrowed Whimsy,” a collaboration between Kimberly Rumfelt and Brianna M. Burnett — two artists who admittedly follow “strangely parallel moments of expression” and share “a reverence for all things slightly granny and a fondness for cardigans.” Since
  • Brianna M. Burnett
 making its first appearance in the form of a doodle, Rumfelt’s “two-headed beauty” named Mary and Rhoda has made appearances in visual narratives inspired by the artist’s childhood memories and remixed scenarios such as the Madhatter’s Tea Party from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Following a similar trajectory of development, Burnett’s contribution stemmed from a box of family photographs she started scanning, but she eventually shifted gears on the archival project by inserting found and purchased images into what she describes as “a borrowed story of snapshots and accidents.” Taken together, the duo’s “Borrowed Whimsy” evokes a mysterious sense of nostalgia for moments that never were.