Artist Couples Team Up to Collaborate on the Group Exhibition ‘Synthesis’


  • Ken Little
We’ve all heard the (at least somewhat true) cliché that artists make for difficult partners. But, what happens when two artists make a life together? Does the difficulty cancel out or is it magnified? What happens if they try to work together on an artistic endeavor? These questions, especially the last one, are entertained in Cinnabar’s latest exhibit, “Synthesis.” The show features three couples (six established artists), each tasked with creating a collaborative work. The resulting show will give insight into the interplay between two artists who trust each other, but have their own artistic aims and processes. Participating artists, who will also be showing their respective individual works, are Cathy Cunningham-Little, Ken Little, Chikako Kato, Bodo Korsig, Carol Robertson and Trevor Sutton. 
  • Cathy Cunningham-Little