Opera San Antonio Dives into Madness with a Production of Verdi’s Take on ‘Macbeth’



Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s biggies that you probs had to read in high school, is a mystical and bloody rumination on fate, greed, jealously and overweening ambition. Like many of the Bard’s seminal works, Macbeth has been adapted approximately a million different times, but perhaps never more powerfully than in Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi’s 1847 opera of the same name. The opera treatment, especially in the hands of a master like Verdi (and a great company like Opera San Antonio), just seems perfectly suited to render the high drama, the fear and the gradual descent into madness. If nothing conveys emotion like the human voice, then it’s no wonder that the acute emotional experience of Macbeth is so well served by Verdi’s long-beloved adaptation.