San Antonio Artist Turns Gregg Popovich Into "Saint Pop" for his Birthday


  • Ray Tattooed Boy
In honor of Gregg Popovich's birthday on Sunday, Jan. 29 (he turned 69), a San Antonio artist drew a portrait of the Spurs coach in a very distinct light.

Instagram user @tattooedboy123 uploaded his artwork on Sunday to pay homage to Popovich by turning him into a saint.

The design got the attention of FOX Sports, noting how some fans are "religious" about the Spurs. The analysts include former player Matt Bonner, who addressed whether the team had to address Popovich as "Saint Pop."

The artist, who goes by Ray Tattooed Boy, has been a local artist and photographer for 13 years and is a fan of "all things San Antonio," according to his website. Obviously Popovich falls under that category.