Tony Parker Says He Will Retire as a San Antonio Spur


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Just a few weeks after publishing his emotional goodbye letter to San Antonio, Tony Parker has revealed that he has every intention of retiring from the NBA as a Spur.

During the crazy offseason, Parker broke all of our hearts when he signed a two-year, $10 million deal with the Charlotte Hornets. Some called the trade beneficial to the Spurs, who could definitely use young talent. Others thought of the 17 seasons Parker spent as a Spur, hence the heartbreak.

But now it appears that Parker is just as nostalgic about his time in SA as we are. In an interview with Chinese website, Parker said with confidence, “Yes, I will retire as a Spur[s player].” (Translations are tricky.)

Here's what Parker is undoubtedly thinking: he's been vocal about his desire to play 20 seasons in the NBA.

He's already spent 17 of those years in San Antonio.

His contract with the Hornets is only for two years.

That leaves one more year to complete two decades in the league, and Parker seems sure that he'll return to the Spurs for his final year – or at least partially.

Whether Parker is actively planning or it's just wishful thinking at this point, he's making it a point to keep the door open in San Antonio.

When asked again about returning to the Spurs, Parker (more or less) said, “I will never say impossible. Now I have signed a two-year contract with the Hornets, and no one will know about the future.”

There's still a chance that Parker could pull a Paul Pierce and sign an honorary one-day contract. Either way, we're sure plenty of San Antonians would be more than happy to see Parker suit up in his silver and black uniform.

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