Texas Girl's Mama Coco Costume Is Probably the Most Adorable Thing You'll See All Day


Pictures of a Houston girl's Coco costume are making everyone on the internet get in their feelings.

Khloe may be just 5 years old, but she has the spirit of an abuela, a Coco to be more exact. Her mother, Noraelia Rodriguez, said she was feeling down about her boss passing away and decided she needed a pick-me-up. She said inspiration struck when she saw some spray-on hair color.

The result? Well, it's pretty dang adorable.

Khloe really got into abuela-mode once she was in full costume.

Noraelia said her family used to called Khloe "Koko," but switched her nickname to "Mama Coco" in honor of her spot-on costume that Coco fans online have been loving.

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