Trinity University Hosting Talk So You Can Learn About Laika, The Soviet Dog That Went to Space


  • Trinity Press
You know, we heap all kinds of praise on all of the humans who have been to space, especially the first ones, and rightly so — but where’s the love for the first mammal in space?

That mammal, a Soviet dog named Laika, who was probably pretty damn shook about the whole affair, deserves some recognition too, and more than a footnote. After all, Laika is the only Earth-based space tourist who has gone out of this world without any say in the matter. What a good doggo she was!

Texas Tech University creative writing professor Kurt Caswell, who wrote a book called Laika’s Window: The Legacy of a Soviet Space Dog, will be giving a talk this weekend, followed by a Q&A session, that is sure to leave you informed and inspired by Laika’s odd odyssey. It is interesting stuff, and, if nothing else, we’re gonna show up to see the unlikely mixture of space junkies and animal lovers that turn out. Who knows, maybe there will be some beef.

Free, Fri Nov. 30, 6:30-8:30pm, Trinity University, William Knox Holt Center, 106 Oakmont Ct., (210) 999-8884,

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