Baguettes and Boules now at Bakery Lorraine




Last week, Bakery Lorraine started baking French baguettes and sour dough boules in their new bread oven. Six days later, they seem to have passed the shake-down period. Made with a blend of white and whole wheat flour, the breads are crunchy on the outside, moist inside, and a chewy delight.


The sour dough now figures proudly in Bakery Lorraine's sandwiches, $8.50 a piece, and a double mouthful. One of our faves (and a best seller) is the ham and brie--seen above grilled with added Gouda. Here's a view of the sour dough boule, pre-sliced:


The sour dough boules are $5. The baguettes, $3, have a touch of sour dough added, says  Anne Ng, co-owner and principal baker with Jeremy Mandrell. Look for specialty breads, too. A Kalamata olive boule sold out within hours of introduction. We're impatiently awaiting its return.

Bakery Lorraine, 511 E Grayson, (210) 862-5582,