Local Foodie Sets Up Kickstarter for Pi Pans




Get it, it's a Pi Pie Pan. (Courtesy)

Garrett Heath, local Racker, foodie, and blogger over at SA Flavor has been busy constructing this:

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="http:&#x2F;&#x2F;www.kickstarter.com&#x2F;projects&#x2F;pinojo&#x2F;pi-pans-the-geekiest-way-to-bake-a-pie&#x2F;widget&#x2F;video.html" frameborder="0"> </iframe>

Today, Heath launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of even more of these "geeky culinary" Pi Pans (which are also great for brownies–the unique shape leads to more edges), perfect for foodies.

The campaign, which hopes to raise at least $2,000 in the next 29 days, currently has six backers, putting down some moolah to get these geeky pans made. Really, who doesn't like cute bakeware?