Best Hangover Cures: Current Staff Edition


As wide-eyed college students pour into dorms and area apartments this weekend with their John Belushi College posters, backpacks and what not, we hope they keep in mind that hangovers are no joke. As professional drinkers (well, some of us), we thought we'd share our favorite hangover cures. Here are a few of our go-t0 snacks and drinks after a night of one too many glasses of wine, tequila shots and whiskey-filled cocktails:

Three Advil swallowed with either Mexican Coke or Topo Chico followed in short order by a Michelada and something greasy for lunch. – Bryan Rindfuss

Three double espressos, one after the other, like tequila shots, did the trick for me. – Enrique Lopetegui
  I treat a hangover the same way I treat a stomach ache, saltines and sprite. – Eli Miller
Fried anything. Brunch with any kind of frites, hash browns or the like. Yum. – Cassandra Yardeni
Normally a shot of whiskey and on to a bloody mary and then eat whatever will make me go back to sleep. Bean & Cheese with Bacon and Avocado or Chilequiles Taco with Bacon. To avoid heartburn Pancakes all the way with Country Sausage and Egg Scram. But that's only when I have a hangover:) – John Mata
Fries or a chocolate croissant. – Mary Tuma
Barbacoa tacos, Excedrin and Dr. Pepper, or a No. 5 at Whataburger, no onions. – Jessica Elizarraras
In no particular order: advil, water, coffee, pizza, naptime. If brunching, get a bloody. - Isis Madrid