Shot of the Week: Drunk Gummy Bears



We decided to stay home for this week's Shot of the Week. After seeing all of the Pinterest recipes with vodka-soaked gummies, and hearing our interns talk about giant gummy shots, we decided to give this a shot.

So we tossed a 5-ounce bag of gummy bears (worms, letters, sharks also work) into a air-tight container and covered them with about a cup and a half of Bacardi Cherry rum. Let them sit overnight or longer up to 72 hours or until all the alcohol's been soaked through.  The gummy bears balloon in size much like those "Grow Your Own" toys.

Anyway (and I might have sampled a few by now) these are strong and awesome and portable! I'm talking about letting a few bags worth of these suckers soak before a final tubing trip this weekend or for your next dorm party.